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Tom Lehrer – Be Prepared tab

Be Prepared  By:  Tom Lehrer

G                                   C 
Be prepared, that's the Boy Scouts marching song
Be prepared, as through life you march along
           C                          E7                 A7
Be prepared to hold your liquor fairly well
                    D7                                                     G7
Don't write naughty words on walls if you can't spell

Be prepared to hide that pack of cigarettes
Don't make book -- if you cannot cover bets
                   C                     C7                        F             C7       F
Keep those reefers hidden where you're sure they will not be found
Cm        D                   A7/D           D7                G          D7       G
And be careful not to smoke them when the scoutmaster's around
G7       C                 F           D7        Fm6
For he only will insist that they be shared
G7       C      F  C  F  C  G7 
Be prepared
Be prepared, 
That's the Boy-Scouts' solemn creed

Be prepared...
And be clean in word and deed!
C                            E7                   A7
Don't solicit for your sister, that's not nice...
D7                                                        G7
Unless you get a good percentage of her price!

Be prepared,
And be careful not to do your good deed;
When there's no-one watching you
C                              C7                  F          C7         F
And you're looking for adventure of a new and different kind...
Cm        D                   A7/D        D7        G   D7   G
And you come across a Girl-Scout who is similarly inclined
G7         C            F         D7                      Fm6
Don't be nervous; don't be flustered; don't be scared
G7       C      F  C  F  C  G7 
Be prepared!

Hmmmm... try converting to Times New Roman (10) for the first verse and Arial
(10) for the rest of them to put the chords in the right place (I think!)
Since someone was kind enough to respond to my request for Tom Lehrer songs even
though my request was on an inappropriate site, I thought the least I could do in
return is to post them here.  

I should perhaps say that as this song was originally written for piano it may not 
really transpose very well onto guitar... as is in fact suggested by my own
primitive preliminary attempts at a guitar-accompanied rendition, which were
not entirely encouraging... But you may be a better guitarist than me, so
here it is anyway!  Good luck!
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