Alma chords with lyrics by Tom Lehrer - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tom Lehrer – Alma chords

E  F#m  B

E AThe loveliest girl Vienna
B EWas Alma, the smartest as well
AOnce you picked her up on your antenna,
B EYou'd never be free of her spell.
C GHer lovers were many and varied,
D7 GFrom the day she began her -- beguine.
Em7 A7There were three famous ones whom she married,
F# BAnd who knows how many between.
[Chorus 1]
A E B EAlma, tell us! All modern women are jealous.
A E C# F#m B7 EWhich of your magical wands got you Gustav and Walter and Franz?
E AThe first one she married was Mahler,
B EWhose buddies all knew him as Gustav.
AAnd each time he saw her he'd holler:
B E"Ach, that is the fraulein I moost have!"
C GTheir marriage, however, was murduh
D7 GHe'd scream to the heavens above,
Em7 A7"I'm writing Das Lied von der Erde,
F# BAnd she only wants to make love!"
[Chorus 2]
A E B EAlma, tell us! All modern women are jealous
A E C# F#m B7 EYou should have a statue in bronze for bagging Gustav & Walter & Franz
E AWhile married to Gus, she met Gropius,
B EAnd soon she was swinging with Walter.
AGus died, and her tear drops were copious.
B EShe cried all the way to the altar.
C GBut he would work late at the Bauhaus,
D7 GAnd only came home now and then
Em7 A7She said, "What am I running, a chow house?
F# BIt's time to change parters again."
[Chorus 3]
A E B EAlma, tell us! All modern women are jealous
A EThough you didn't even use Ponds,
C# F#m B7 EYou got Gustav and Walter and Franz
E AWhile married to Walt she'd met Werfel,
B EAnd he too was caught in her net.
AHe married her, but he was careful,
B E'cause Alma was no Bernadette.
C GAnd that is the story of Alma,
D7 GWho knew how to receive and to give
Em7 A7The body that reached her embalma'
F# BWas one that had known how to live!
[Chorus 4]
A E B EAlma, tell us! How can they help being jealous?
A E C# F#m B7Ducks always envy the swans who get Gustav and Walter,
F#m B7 F#m B7 EYou never did falter, with Gustav and Walter and Franz
[Outro] B7 E
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