Tony Joe White – Polk Salad Annie tab

Hey this is just how i worked the intro out by ear...

i can get the intro down its quite easy... if you want to play along the the recording 
just hammer the d string on the 2nd fret and bend the 2nd fret G string (or third fret.. 
whichever you're more comfortable with.

-----------------------------------------------------0--------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------6---7---9---s-7---(7)---s-6-----4----0h1----then form E7------|-0/4--------4---6---7---s-6---(6)---s-4-----2-----------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
at the end of the tab where it says form E7 it means play and E7 and hammer the G string on the first fret Tony also hammers the d string in the E7 chord
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