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From Sun May  4 10:46:56 1997
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 1997 09:56:23 +0000
From: I God 
Subject: TAB: Navy Bean by Tracy Bonham


Artist: Tracy Bonham
Song  : Navy Bean
Album : The Burdens of Being Upright
Tuning: Standard [EADGBe]
Tabbed : by I God 

Intro Riff /----------x8---------------\--|E|-----------------|-------------------------------|B|-----------------|-------------------------------|G|-----------------|*------------------------------|D|-----------------|*------------------------------|A|------1-----1----|-------------1-----1-----------|E|-1-1-----3-----3-|-1--2--3--3-----3-----3--------|
|G5 A#5 G5 F5| x4
Bass during verseG|-----------------------------------|D|-----------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------|E|--3-3-3-3-6-6-6-6-3-3-3-3-1-1-1-1--|
Verse 1 A navy bean is bigger than it seems put it on and don't ask what it means Chorus 1 G#5 A#5 Parade around
Verse 2 Cellophane is thicker than it seems put it on and don't ask what it means Chorus 2 G#5 A#5 Parade around [Riff 1] G#5 A#5 Parade around F#5 G#5 Parade Around [Riff 1 x2] Around Verse 3 Shaving cream is thicker than it seems shave 'em off and don't ask what it means [Chorus 1] Verse 4 an angel wing is caught up in the tree if you know what's best get the hell away from me [chorus] Bridge x2 for each chord notation play the first three strings in ascending order i.e. for G5 play
D|-------5-|A|----5----| (let ring)E|-3-------|
B5 B5 Oh you little navy bean G5 Oh you're caught up in the tree G5 (navy bean) Solo (only the first part. i can't figure out the rest)
[Verse 2] [Chorus] Outtro same as intro but shorter
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