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Tracy Bonham – Burdens Of Being Upright tab

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Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 17:32:21 +0100
From: "MAQUET, Frederic F." 
Subject: b/bonham_tracy/burdens_of_being_upright.crd

	Tracy Bonham Fakebook from "The Burdens of Being Upright"
			All songs tabbed by Frederic Maquet

All of it should be correct.  I haven't put in all the solos, but
 then there aren't that many in the album....Playing it is pretty
simple, which shows Tracy Bonham's "genius", she can make easy songs
sound really cool...What a voice!!

Hope you like it!

Email me for corrections/comments!!! at f.maquet@ic.ac.uk

1.  Mother Mother
2.  Navy Been
3.  Tell it to the sky
4.  Kisses
5.  Brain Crack
6.  The One
7.  One Hit Wonder
8.  Sharks Can't Sleep
9.  Bullday
10. Every Breath
11. 30 seconds
12. The Real


			Mother Mother -  by Tracy Bonham
				Tabbed by Frederic Maquet

Verse 1:
A	     G#			G		     F#		G  G#
Mother Mother, how's the family? I'm just calling to say hello

How's the weather, how's my father?  Am I lonely?  Heavens no.
Mother mother, are you listening, just a phone call to ease your mind,
Life is perfect, never better, distance making, the heart grow by,

Chorus: (distorted)
	 E		D	C	D
Well you sent me off to see the world

But you're scared that I might get hurt
Would I try a little tobacco?
Would I keep on hikin up my skirt?


A (stop)     A (stop)  	 A (stop)
  I'm hungry,  I'm dirty,  I'm losing my mind,
		     F# (add lots of sliding noise!)
(scream)Everything's fine

I'm freezing, I'm starving, I'm bleeding to death,
	Everything's fine!

Verse 2: (same chords all the way through)

Yeah I'm working, making money, I'm just starting to build a name
I can feel it, down the corner, I can make it any day...
Mother mother, can you hear me?  Sure I'm sober, sure I'm sane
Life is perfect, never better, still your daughter, still the same.

Chorus 2: (same chords as chorus 1)
Should I tell you what you want to hear?
Will it help you to sleep well at night,
Are you sure that I'm your perfect dear
Now just cuddle up and sleep tight...

Bridge: play 1st bridge

End on:
A (stop)	A (stop)		A (stop)
   I miss you		I love you


A   577655 or 002220
G#  466544
G   355433
F#  244322

E   022100
D   x00232 or  557775
C   032010 or  335553


			Navy Been - by Tracy Bonham
				Tabbed by Frederic Maquet

Intro:------ Electrice:--------------------------|-----|B:--------------------------|-----|G:--------------------------|play-|D:--------------------------|-----|A:--------------------------|-x4--|E:--3--3--6--3--6--3--1--2--|-----|
then: Bass
Then: With electric: G Bb G F x4 Verse 1: -------- Bass: G Bb G F Navy been is bigger than it seems Put it on don't ask what it means (electric): G# A# G Bb G F Vibrate around Verse 2: (same progression as verse 1 unless indicated) -------- Cellophane is thicker than it seems Put it on don't ask what it means G# A# G Bb G F Vibrate around G# A# F# G# G Bb G F Vibrate oohohoho Vibrate G Bb G F Around Verse 3: (exactly the same progression as verse 1) -------- Shaving cream is thicker than it seems Shave'em off don't ask what it means Vibrate around Verse 4: (similar to verse 2) -------- An angel wing is caught up in the tree If you know what's best get the hell away from me G# A# F# G# Vibrate ohooho Vibrate G Bb G F Vibrate ohohoho Vibrate around |------------| play x3 Bridge: (slow, fingerpick the chords) ------- B Oh you little Navy Been, are you caught up in the tree? G G F# G G F# G Navy Been Navy Been (play above once more...) G G F# G G F# G Navy Been, Navy Been(scream) Solo is over: the chords G Bb G F Verse 5: repeat verse 2, with: -------- G Bb G F Vibrate around x4 Repeat intro...end on G. End. Chords: ------- G 355433 Bb 688766 F 133211 G# 466544 A# 688766 B 224442 F# 244322 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Tell it to the sky - by Tracy Bonham --------------- Tabbed by Frederic Maquet Lyrics are a bit dodgy... Intro/Verse: (clean guitar) ------------
G B Ee:--------------------------|--|---0--------|B:--------------------------|--|---0--------|G:--------0-----------4-----|--|---1--------|D:-----0-----------4-----4--|x3|---2--------|A:-----------0--2-----------|--|---2--------|E:--3-----------------------|--|---0--------|
Verse 1: -------- G B It makes you reek G B It makes you strong G B E (single strum) Benine in your blood to burn It took your nights You took my star One I wished on last year Chorus: (heavy distortion man...) ------- A G# C AaaaaaaaHaaaaaAhhaaHAaaa x4 <- you try to tab a scream out!! G E Tell it to the sky x3 A Run over Verse 2: (same progression as verse 1) -------- So you fucked up All that we had I took the ball and benine It makes you reek It makes you strong Benine in your blood to burn Chorus 2: (play chorus 1) --------- Twice? Solo: distort ----- Played over the chords G E x3 A I see you Bridge: (clean) ------- G E Coming back to me A G I hear you're coming back, ..... to me (go straight to chorus3) Chorus 3: =chorus2 --------- Play intro (clean).... i.e: G B x3 E (single strum) finite... Chords: ------- G 320033 or 355433 B 224442 A 577655 or 002220 G# 466544 C 335553 E 022100 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Kisses - by Tracy Bonham -------- Tabbed by Frederic Maquet Note: Dropped D tuning!
Intro: ------ Fe:----------------------------|--|B:----------------------------|--|G:----------------------------|--|D:----------------------------|x4|A:-------0-----0-----0--0h1p0-|--|D:-3--3-----3-----3-----------|--|
Verse:------ twiddle F Bb Fe:----------------------------|---|---------|B:--------------------2-------|---|---------|G:--------------------3----2--|---|---------|D:--------------------3----3--|---|---------|A:----0-----0-----0---1----3--|---|-0h1p0---|D:-3-----3-----3-----------3--|---|---------|
F Bb F play intro F riff She sucked the lining down to size 3 She sucked no living and she'll kill me Necks are crooked and it's time to sing Bb C Beeks wide open at the sound wings
Chorus:------- D Fe:-----------------------|----------------------------|B:-----------------------|----------------------------|G:-----------------------|----------------------------|D:-----------------------|----------------------------|x2A:----0-----0-----0h1p0--|------0-----0-----0-----0---|D:-0-----0-----0---------|---3-----3-----3-----3------| ohohoho aie ohohoho aie
G F D She kisses harder than me x2 G F D G F D I guess I'm not that hungry Verse 2: (same as verse 1) -------- Things are rivers flowing to the sea Fish won't eat it but don't ask me Angles looking make it hard to cry People looking make it cool to die. Chorus 2: same as chorus 1 --------- repeat "She kisses harder..{}...hungry" bit x2 Fade out intro. Chords: (in drop-d) ------- DADGBE Bb x13331 F 3332xx C x35553 D 000232 G 5554xx ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- The One - by Tracy Bonham ---------- Tabbed by Frederic Maquet Intro: (distorted) ------ F G# F# x3 (2nd and 3rd time add sliding noises) F G# Verse: (soft accoustic) ------
D D/C# C C/Be:------------------------------|B:------------------------------|G:------------------------------| play this forD:--7-----7-------5-----5-------| each lineA:--5-----4-------3-----2-------|E:------------------------------|
D D/C# C C/B I sleep the day away Giving you all I can Ready to breach the news Dying to was my hair Chorus: ------- D A C G You're the one, you're the one D A C G That grows the suuuuuuun D A C G Say you love me, as you pull the trigger F E D A C G Better today, rather than tomorrow D G A (stop) Verse 2: -------- Love is in the air Hide it behind your blinds Heaven is right up there Leaving me here behind Play chorus x2 (without the bit after "tomorrow..." for both times) Break: (uppy cheery beat) tat tat tat ------ G //// B Youdoudhou dooooo (<- yodelling stuff) G B You should enjoy the weather distort> G B Sooooohohoohooon G You'll know F G# F# What you done F G# F# x3 F G# F# You'll hurt no one x3 F G# F# Play verse 1 again (soft - stop slighlty after "my hair") +chorus x2 Finish: ------- slow down on "rather than tomorrow..." End. Chords: ------- F 133211 G# 466544 F# 244322 D 557775 A 577655 C 335553 E 022100 G 320033 B 224442 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- One Hit Wonder - by Tracy Bonham ---------- Tabbed by Frederic Maquet Intro: G E x4 ------ Verse 1: -------- G E They call you the one-hit wonder G E F I could just hit you right, yeah right between Dm G Yeah right between the eyes Verse 2: -------- G E If ever a girly wonder G E Could ever be more, than just, F Dm one thing, yeah more than one thing at G E G E at ti-ihihime a ti-ihihime G A Dm E More than one at a time Verse 3: same progression as verse 1 -------- I'll give you my 4-leaf clover For God only knows, that it's the only, one, the only, one I'd mind Verse 4: same progression as verse 2 -------- And you'll hear it over and over Until it is built, right in, Yeah right, into, your filthy, little mi-ihihind, your mi-hihihind A yeah right into your... Chorus: ------- F E I I own the world F A I bought the whole damn world F E >From the maaaan who sold the world F A A million-doller caddie worth Verse 5: same prog as verse 1 -------- So could you just bend right over To see how it feels, to be, to see, just how, it feels, to be alive Verse 6: same prog as verse 2 -------- And you'll get it over and over Coz god only know, that is The only one, the only one I'd mi-hihihind, I'd mi-hihihind the only one oh Chorus End. Chords: ------- G 320033 E 022100 F 133211 Dm x00231 D5 x0023x A 002220 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Sharks Can't Sleep - by Tracy Bonham ----------- Tabbed by Frederic Maquet
Intro/Verse: (clean guitar)------------ D F# G Ee:----------------------------------0--0--0----|B:----------3-----------------------0--0--0----|G:------2-------------3---------4---1--1--1----|D:---0-------------4---------5------2--2--2----|A:----------------------------------2--2--2----|E:--------------2---------3---------0--0--0----|
D F# G E (rest) Verse 1: -------- D F# G E Saw a shark today D F# G E Ate a man and then, just swam away D F# G E But it wasn't OK D F# G E (rest) No it wasn't OK Verse 2: -------- Saw a snake today, Ate and burned your steak and squirmed away But it wasn't OK D F# G Bb (distortion kicks in for G and Bb) No it wasn't OK Chorus: (distortion) ------- D F# G E No -ho, No -ho, No -ho, No-ho x2 D F# G E But it wan't OK D F# G E (rest) No it wasn't OK Verse 3: (same chord progression as verse 2) -------- Met a star today Looked like flesh and bone and tooth decay But it wasn't OK No it wan't OK Chorus 2: --------- Same as chorus 1 with: D F# G E No it wasn't OK x2 Break: (play x2) ------
A A? A A? G F# G F#?e:----------------------------------|B:----------------------------------|G:------6--6--6--6----4--4--4--4----|D:------7--7--7--7----5--5--5--5----|A:------7--6--7--6----5--4--5--4----|E:------5--5--5--5----3--3--3--3----| Wowowowo WowowowoA A? A A? G F# G F# A A? A A? G F# G F#Nohowoah, Nohowoah, no, not I
A A? A A? G F# G F# F Nohowoah, Nohowoah, not me Verse 4: (play as verse 2) -------- Ate a man today Ate a man and then just walked away But iwasn't OK No it wasn't OK End on CHORUS Chords: D x00232 or 557775 F# 244322 G 355433 or 320033 E 022100 Bb 688766 or 113331 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Bullday - by Tracy Bonham ----------- Tabbed by Frederic Maquet Intro: (Fast, heavy distortion) ------ G D B C x2 Verse 1: (G D B C for each line) -------- G D B C You've got a ro-ocket Inside your bullet head I've seen you walking C D Baaaahaaby G D B C Your natural greyness Has never done you wrong You showed that sweet old C D Laaahaaaady Chorus: -------- G B C A Who's got the bull down low owoahwoah G B C A Who's got the bull down low G B C Eb Who's got the bull down be-low G D G (quick succession) Verse 2: (like verse 1) -------- You talk of genius I feel an undertow Which head of yours is Dragging down? One made of lettuce Is smarter than you both You fooled that man whole Anyhow Chorus x2 --------- Break: ------ E F# G A He'll bend you over, little red rover Bend you right over, some Casanova Go to your mama, little Chiwouaoua Get back to your mama, little Chihuahua Chorus x2 --------- End ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Every Breath - by Tracy Bonham ------------- Tabbed by Frederic Maquet Verse 1: -------- F D See you running and it's all over now F D The devil's coming and he's showing us how Eb G Eb G He's going down on the street, like, it's such a cool sight F D The lizard king is here and where are you now? F D Monkey Brain is here and he's showing us how Eb G He's going down on a cool bike, Eb G F E And I am loosing sight Chorus 1: --------- D G D G D And every day is like the one before G D G D Yeah it's like the one before G D G D G F D You get it right you'll breath no mooooore Verse 2: (same prog as in verse 1) -------- I saw my shadow on the blackest of nights Sometimes I push me right out of the lights So I'm down on the (get right?), and I am loosing You're here to tempt me, and it's all looking new To keep me from running just to try something new I'm going down on the floor right, I am right behind Chorus 2: --------- Play chorus 1 with: D G F no more x3 Instrumental: (violins) -------------- F D x2 Eb G Eb G F G# Chorsu 3: --------- Play chorus 1 then chorus x2 D end on "no more" ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- 30 Seconds - by Tracy Bonham ------------ Tabbed by Frederic Maquet
Intro:------ Ge:---3--3---------------|----|-------|B:---3--3---------------|----|-------|G:---4--4---------------|-x3-|-------|D:---5--5---------------|----|---5---|A:---5--5---4--4--4h5p4-|----|---5---|E:---3--3---------------|----|---3---|
Verse 1: -------- A7 C7 A7 C7 For every stone, there's a rock waiting someone's A7 C7 A7 C7 Head, hear it come and you'll wish you had two heads G7 Bb7 30 seconds x2 A7 C7 A7 Tell half your soul and you'll realise that you are
Chorus:------- G A7 riffe:---------------------------------|B:---------------------------------|G:-----4---------------------------| x3D:-----5----------5---5------------|A:-----5----------4---4----4h5p4---|E:-----3----------5---5------------| Noohoa one
G A7 (riff) Noohoa one x3 G No one Verse 2: -------- For every star, there's another one that's fading Fading away, hating every bit of light 30 seconds x2 One day the sun and the rest you're sending ants to Chorus 2: --------- G A7 No-hoa one x3 G (pause) A7 (riff) No one G A7 Out of my way A7 G#7 Four you know you're G A7 Out of my way x3 Verse 3: -------- For everyone, there's another one that's stronger So, out you go, like the trash that you drug in 30 seconds x2 Paving the way, for the ones that made you feel like Chorus 3: --------- G A7 (riff) No-hoa one x3 G (pause) A7 (riff) No one G A7 (riff) Out of my way A7 G#7 Four you know you're G7 F#7 Out of my way x3 Chords: These are a bit weird ------- A7 545xxx or 002020 C7 032310 G7 32300x or 353433 G 320033 or 355433 Bb7 656xxx or 113131 G#7 434xxx or 464544 F#7 212xxx or 242322 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- The Real - by Tracy Bonham ------------ Tabbed by Frederic Maquet
Intro:------ A C A Ce:------------------------|--------------|B:------------------------|--------------|G:------------------------|--play-lots---|D:------------------------|--------------|A:----4---///-7---4-//--7-|--------------|E:----5--////-8---5-//--8-|--------------| Aaaaa Aaa a - Haaaa (etc...)
Verse 1: -------- A C F E G I know the sons are wrong, to wake their dad A C F E You got, if anything, a bigger head D E A Most likely to perform, was who I knew D E C But now it's you that I have to know Verse 2: (same progression as verse 1) -------- Tell me who you know, has got away Sweet little who you know, lives in L.A. Most likely to conceive was who I knew But now it's you that I have to know Chorus: ------- A F C Only the real world A F C It's so unreal A C F E (single strum) Only the real is rea-he-eal Verse 3: -------- Pocket the business card, be on your way Pocket the smiling face, and save the day Most likely to perform, was who I knew But noew it's you that I have to know Chorus x2 --------- Play intro, and fade out.... Chords: ------- A 002220 C 032010 F 133211 E 022100 G 320033 D x00232 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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