Traffic – Medicated Goo tab

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                            "Medicated Goo"
                        (S. Winwood - J. Miller)

Intro 1:

D7(no 3) G/D [piano: D-A-C D-G-B] v v v v v v v v (16th notes) /14-------------15\10/14-|----10-------------------| -------------------------|-------------------------| /14-------------16\11/14-|----11-------------------| -------------------------|-------------------------| -------------------------|-------------------------| -------------------------|-------------------------|
D7(no 3) G/D v v v v v v v v /14----------10-12-------|-------10----------------| -------------------------|-------------------------| /14----------11-12-------|9b11--------9b11r9-7-----| -------------------------|-------------------------| -------------------------|-------------------------| -------------------------|-------------------------|
bass [4X]:
v v v v -7-------7---7-----------7-------| -----7-9-------------7-9---------| ---------------------------------| ---------------------------------|
Verse 1:
D7(no 3) G/D D v v v v v v v v ---------------------------------|---------------------------------| -13--------------12--------------|-12--10--8---7-------------------| -14--------------12--------------|-12--11--9---7-------------------| ---------------------------------|---------------------------------| ---------------------------------|---------------------------------| ---------------------------------|---------------------------------| Pretty Polly Possum what's wrong with you?
C D Your body's kinda weak and you think there's nothing we can do D7(no 3) G/D D Good golly, Polly shame on you C D Cause Molly made a stew that'll make a new little girl out of you Chorus: [bass as per intro; doubled w/baritone sax]
D7(no 3) G/D D v v v v v v v v ---------------------*-----------|----10-10-----------10-10---------| -13--------------12--------------|----------------------------------| -14--------------12--------------|/11-------------/11---------------| ---------------------------------|----------------------------------| ---------------------------------|----------------------------------| ---------------------------------|----------------------------------| * 13 (G7/D) last time; occasionally 15
So follow me, its good for you D7(no 3) G/D D That good old fashioned Medicated Goo D7(no 3) G/D D Ooh, ooh, ain't it good for you D7(no 3) G7/D D My own homegrown recipe'll see you through Verse 2: Freaky Freddy Frolic had some, I know He was last seen picking green flowers in a field of snow Get ready, Freddy, they're sure to grow Mother Nature just blew it and there's nothing really to it, I know [repeat chorus] [guitar solo over chorus chords] Verse 3: Auntie Franny Pritchett and Uncle Lou They made some goo, now they really sock it to their friends Frantic friends and neighbors charge the door They caught a little whiff now they're digging it and seeking more [repeat chorus] Break: bass [4X; saxes enter sequentially]:
v v v v -7-------7---7-----------7-------| -----7-9-------------7-9---------| ---------------------------------| ---------------------------------|
sax 1 arr. for guitar: v v v v D -4---0-2-4---4-------0-2-4------- sax 2 arr. for guitar: v v v v D -7---4-5-7---7-------4-5-7------- saxes 3, 4 arr. for guitar:
v v v v e -12----8-10-12----12-------8-10-12------| b -13---10-12-13----13------10-12-13------|
Intro 2: (bass as per intro 1)
D7(no 3) G/D v v v v v v v v /14-------------12/14-10-|-------------------10----| -------------------------|----------------12-------| /14-------------12/14-11-|-------------------------| -------------------------|-------------------------| -------------------------|-------------------------| -------------------------|-------------------------|
D7(no 3) G/D v v v v v v v v /14----------15-17---/14-|----10-------------------------| -------------------------|-------------13p12p10----------| /14----------16-17---/14-|----11-------------------12-10-| -------------------------|-------------------------------| -------------------------|-------------------------------| -------------------------|-------------------------------|
[repeat chorus] [guitar solo over chorus chords to fade] -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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