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                  "Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring"
                  (S. Winwood - J. Capaldi - C. Wood)


	B   C  (C#)
	/ . / .

	We are not like all the rest
	        F#7                    B7  C7  (C#7)
	You can see us any day of the week
	Come around, sit down, take a sniff, fall asleep
	 F#7                      B7  C7  (C#7)
	Baby, you don't have to speak
	I'd like to show you where it is
	             F#7                   B7  C7  (C#7)
	But then it wouldn't even mean a thing
	Nothing is easy, baby, just please me
	    F#7                      B7    Bb7  (A7)
	Who knows what tomorrow may bring


	  If for just one moment
	  You could step outside your mind
	And float across the ceiling
	F      A       Bb         B              [N.C.]
	I    don't    think the folks would mind

[repeat verse]

[repeat chorus]


	(organ solo [4X]):

	B7  C7  C#7               F#7
	/ . / .  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /

	B7 C7 C#7                              F#7
	          Who knows what tomorrow may bring  [repeat to fade]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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