Trampled By Turtles – The Calm And The Crying Wind chords

Trampled by Turtles 
The Calm and the Crying Wind
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Note: C/G as e|---| B|-1-|
G|-0-| D|-2-| A|-x-| E|-3-| Also, you can play this little walk-up between chord transitions:
*Capo 3rd Fret
C/G C C/G C C/G C C/G C C/GPainted pistols and all the cheap thrills
F G C C/G Cand the words that collide
C/G C C/G C C/G C C/G C C/GAnd all the poets and all the pain pills
F G C C/G Cand the God on your side
C/G F C C/G F GIt don't help you, it never will--we all get older and older still
C C/G C C/G C C/G C C/GBut morning is peaceful Like it's always been
F G CThe calm and the crying wind
That's it! Enjoy! And if you find my tabs useful, please rate!!! Its awkward and painful To wish for the end ‘Cos the end is gonna come But baby I love you Like I did back then Like the west and the setting sun And I ain’t been sleeping And I’m tired as hell And I stare art the ceiling And talk to myself But morning is peaceful Like its always been The calm and the crying wind
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