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Trish Wannamaker – Youre Gone chords

You're Gone 
By: Trish Wannamaker

Capo 3rd fret

Em Am F C 

Em AMYou meant so much to me
F CBut know you're gone
Em AmYou're never going to see,
F CThe way I am because you're gone
Em AmTime still passes by
F CEven though you're not here
Instrumental Em Am F C Em A G D
Em AmTo me you're still here
F CEven though you're not
Em AThere's nothing I can do
G DI wish there was something,
Em AmI could do to bring you back to me
F CI need you more than you need me
Em AWithout you my world has fallen apart
G DMy world falls apart everyday because you're gone
Em AmI miss you more and more,
F CBecause you're gone
Em AmIf you weren't gone you'd be my world
F CMy world has fallen to pieces because you're gone
Em AmNow that you're gone, my world is gone
F CI miss you,I miss you,I really do
Em AmNow that you're gone
Outro F C Em Am
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