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Trish Wannamaker – Time Passes chords

Capo 3

G DThere once was a time
C FWhere nothing really mattered
Em AmTime didn't fly by so much
G DBut now something is missing
EmTime has been flying by non stop
Em AmTime passes by without even doing anything
G DThere are some points I wish,
C FThat time wouldn't pass by so much
Em DIt's just like yesterday
GI was riding my bike,
AWith you by my side
AmBut now I'm all alone
GThere will be one day
DWhere we reunite,
Em AmBut that won't be for a while
Em AmUnless time passes by,
G DQuicker than normal
Em AmTime passes by
C FEverybody has a dream
G DSome of those dreams are to be with others
Em AmMy dream is to see you once again
C FThat smile, that laughter, that huge heart
G DEvery night I fall asleep
CCounting the stars
F EmWaiting for all that time to come back
AmSo I can have you again
G AmYou were one thing that,
D CKept me excited and happy,
FWaiting for the next day
Em AmTo spend time with you
G CBut time goes by and time passes
F DBut there's not a second I'm not thinking of you
DI'm always thinking of you
G CEvery second, every minute, every hour, every day
FYou're on my mind
GNo matter how I feel
EmYou were my world
AmNow you're gone
C FTime passes by way to quickly
Em Am One day I want to be reunited with you
(no chord) One day I will be
Em AmTime passes by
Em AmTime passes by
Em AmTime passes by
G DWithout a single wish
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