Tritt Travis – Where Corn Dont Grow tab

[D] As we sat on the front porch of that
[G] Old gray house where I was born and [D] raised
[Bm] Starin' at the dusty field
[G] Where my daddy worked hard every [D] day
I [Bm] think it kinda hurt him when I said
[G] Daddy there's a lot that I don't [D] know
But [Bm] don't you ever dream about a [G] life
Where corn don't [D] grow.

He just sat there cryin',
Starin' at his favorite coffee cup
I saw a storm of mixed emotions
In his eyes when he looked up
He said son at you age I know it seems
Like this old world is turning slow
And you think you'll find the answer to it all 
Where corn don't grow.

[D] Hard times are [Bm] real
There's dusty [G] fields
No matter where you [D] go
And you may change your [Bm] mind
'Cause the weeds are [G] high
Where corn don't [D] grow.

I remember feelin' guilty
When daddy walked back in the house
I was only seventeen back then
But I thought that I knew more than I know now
I can't say he didn't warn me
City life's a hard row to hoe
Ain't it funny how a dream can turn around
Where corn don't grow.


You may change your mind
Oh, the weeds are high
Where corn don't grow.
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