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                              Worth Every Mile

                                             written by: Travis Tritt

                                   performed by Travis Tritt on "T-R-O-U-B-L-E"


1.The roads that we've traveled
  Ain't always been easy
  Lord knows we've both seen our share
                    F#m    B7
  Of troubles and trials

  It's hard to believe
  We made it so far together
       E                          B7
  But just between you and me darling
  It was worth every mile

C.It was worth every storm
  We had to weather
  It was worth all the evenings
   A             B7
  We cried together

                          E    D
  When the going got toughest
  A                       E
  I could count on your smile
  A                 E
  And looking back now I can say
  B7                     EAEA
  It was worth every mile

2.I know you and I both had our doubts
  That we'd make it
  But deep in the back of our minds
  We knew all along

  That love's not for quitters
  So we kept ours moving
  Oh and I think you'll have to agree
  It was worth every mile

repeat chorus

  A                 E
  And looking back now I can say
  B7                  E   A E A E
  It was worth every mile

                                      transcribed by Paul Leafgreen T B

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