Tenacious D – Senorita chords



G   F#   Eb   D


[Verse 1]


Bb/G                     D/F#

Senorita, tasty mamacita tell me baby, what's your name

Bb/G                                  D/F#

Oh Conchita, won't you have a seat-a, tell me baby, who's to blame?

F                                 C

I'll fuckin' kill the man who has done you wrong

Bb                          A

My body's shakin' out of control


[Verse 2]


Bb/G                                     D/F#

His name is Larry, oh he's really scary, drinkin' at the fuckin' bar

Bb/G                                      D/F#

Tap his shoulder, muscles like a boulder, tell him that's he's gone too far

F                                 C

He laughs and tells me to fuckin' fuck myself

Bb                              A

Now my blood is boilin' over my soul, Hey!



       D                   Bb                                         F

   JB: I'm sorry, I didn't hear that, did you just tell me to fuckin' fuck myself?


Larry: Yeah


   JB: Well I'm telling you to step outside


Larry: Oh really?

                                        F                                 C

   JB: Yeah, we got some things to talk about a little lady named Conchita

Larry: Hey!


   JB: Yeah, you harmed her

Larry: What? Who said? Who are you?

             Bb           F

   JB: Yeah, fuck you you piece of shit

      C       C5 A5 Bb5 C5 D5





C#m                             B

When my fist connects and Larry falls down to the ground

A                        Ab

I see he's cut me with a bottle

C#m                         B

My pistol rises, cause it's time to double down

A                                Ab

Larry runs, I chase him out full-throttle


[Interlude 2]


A Ab x 4


A Ab                       A   Ab

    Donde estas mi horse? allí

      A  Ab                   A    Ab

Digame,     donde estas Larry? allí

                A   Ab

En los montanes? Donde, en el canyon?

A     Ab

  Muy bien, cold-water canyon?

A   Ab               A

    andale pues, ha, ha, ha


[Bridge 2]


C#5    F#5       C#5           B5

            Ah, te llamo mi Conchita

   D5          A5            C5

Yo tengo hambre para tu boca

             G5           C5             B5

Mira mi cara, soy en fuego para tu beso, mi amor


[Verse 3]


Bb/G                            D/F#

Watchin' Larry in his sanctuary thinkin' that he got away

Bb/G                           D/F#

With Conchita, oh my mamacita, kissing him upon the face

F                            C

I fuckin' rue the day that I fought for you

Bb                                A

Now my mind is spinnin' out of control




D    Bb    F    C


                 D    Bb    F     C

Ah I'm sorry mamacita

                  D    Bb    F     C

Om yo seen so senorita

                     D    Bb    C A D

Ah everybody take ya rita

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