Living Worlds Apart chords with lyrics by The Axis Of Awesome - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Axis Of Awesome – Living Worlds Apart chords


[Verse 1]
DShe's a legal secretary
F#mOverworked and undepaid
BmShe tries to follow love
GmBut she's too afraid
CShe has to work late
FJust to make ends meet
GmShe's run off her feet
AIn this jungle of concrete
Bb C FAnd it's hard (so hard), to keep forbidden love alive
Gm A Dm DIt's hard (so hard) When you're working nine to five
C FIt's hard, When you just dont know where to start
GIt's hard to share your heart
AWhen your living worlds apart
[Verse 2]
DHe is Posiedon
F#mThe King of The Sea
BmHis underwater empire
GmHidden from humanity
CHe has to work late
FGodly duties to perform
GmTo keep the sea at storm
AHe's wet and he's forlorn
Bb C FAnd it's hard (so hard), to keep forbidden love alive
Gm A DmIt's hard (so hard), When the lobsters give you jive
C FIt's hard, When you're leagues beneath the sea
GIt's hard for love to be
AWhen your love's a secretary
[Interlude] Dm F Dm F D A Dm C Bm A E [Bridge]
DmWell they can't go back to his place
DmBecause she can't breathe under water
DmThey can't go back to that hotel
AHe stuck a trident through a porter
DmWell she doesn't like the way
DmThat he looks at other ladies
DmAnd he can't stand the fact that she
ADont get on with his brother Hades
GmWell it's all so tough for a secretary
DmTo love Posiedon, King of the Sea
GmCos' she's saving up for a college degree
AAnd he is Posiedon, King of the Sea
GmBut she can't control how her emotions behave
DmAnd he is Posiedon, Lord of the Waves
Gm DmWell this tainted love, Yeah it makes her weep
AAnd he is Posiedon, God of the Deep
Bb C FAnd it's hard (so hard), to keep forbidden love alive
Gm A DmIt's hard, something something scuba dive
C FIt's hard, It's hard to say goodbye
GAnd let this drowned love die
AThan leave you high and dry
BWith salt water in your eye
C D GWell it's hard, no matter what you wish
Am B EmIt's hard, For a woman and a fish
Am D G EmIt's hard, It's hard to say goodbye
Am DSalt water in your eye
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