The Axis Of Awesome – Titty Bar chords

[Verse 1]
G CAre you feeling down boy
G CDo I see a frown boy
Am7 G Am7 DI know of a place you can go if you feel blue
G CThe staff are there to please you
G CTitilate and tease you
Am7 GThere's a lass called Mona
Am7 DShe'll give you a boner
Em Am7Just around the corner
Em Am7There's a neon sign
Em DTopless bar girls every Tuesday 6pm til 9
GAt the Titty Bar (The titty bar)
C Am7There's dancers on the poles
GAt the Titty Bar (the titty bar)
C Am7There are sluts and moles
GAt the Titty Bar, it isn't far
C Am7You dont even need your car
C D G DThat's cos it's your local Titty Bar
G F C D GWhere everybody knows your name (And if they don't then you don't care)
G F C D GAnd they're always glad you came (And if you don't then they don't care)
[Verse 2]
G CThe bouncers have no necks boy
G CPut away that sex toy
Am7 GYou will get us kicked out
Am7 DIf you keep your dick out
G COi! hey you no touching
G CThought I said no touching
Am7 GSeriously no touching
Am7 DGet your damn hands off me
Em Am7In a dark back alley
Em Am7We lay bashed and bruised
EmNot since Friends season 7
DHave we felt so abused
GAt the Titty Bar (the titty bar)
C Am7I am filled with grief
GAt the Titty Bar (the titty bar)
C Am7No more hand relief
GAt the Titty Bar, I have a scar
C Am7I can't open this cookie jar
G CWe need to find another
G CSo I will call your mother
G D GCos she works at another Titty Bar
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