The Axis Of Awesome – 4 Chords Live chords

Recommend Capo Fret 2

W/Capo : D/A/Bm/G
w/out capo: E/B/C#m/A

This is a brilliant composition by Axis Of Awesome, I thought I'd tab this version, 
it has more songs, and its also more challenging than the CD

Note: There is a tricky change in chord structure after "save tonight".


D AMy life is brilliant, my love is pure.
Bm GI saw an angel, of this I'm sure.
D AForever young, I wanna
Bm Gbe forever young.
D AI won't hesitate no more,
Bm Gno more, it cannot wait, I'm yours.
DThis is the way you left me,
AI'm not pretending,
BmNo hope, no love, no glory,
GNo Happy ending.
D ACause you are amazing,
Bm G DWe did amazing, things.
AIf I could, then I would,
Bm GI'll go wherever you will, (go)
D A Bm GCan you feel, the love tonight?
D AAnd she will, be loved,
Bm GYeah she will, be loved.
D APictures of you, pictures of me,
Bm Gup upon your wall for the world to see.
D A Bm G'cause I cant live, with or without you.
D A Bm GAnd if I fall, at your feet.
D A BmYou'll let your tears, am I not pretty enough,
Gis my heart too broken.
D AWhen I find myself in times of trouble,
Bm G DMother mary, comes to me.
A Bm G DSometimes I feel like I dont have a partner.
A Bm G DThat's the way it's gonna be, little darlin',
A Bm GWe'll be ridin' on the horses, yeah yeah.
D A BmNo woman, no cry,
G DIt surely is a dream,
A Bm GI come from the land down under.
D A Bm GOnce a jolly swagman, camped by a billabong.
D A Bm GTake on me,(When I come around)
D A Bm GTake Me On,(When I come around)
D A Bm GI'll be gone
D A BmIn a day or, two.
G D ASave tonight, (Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you.)
Bm GFight the break of dawn.
D ACome tommorow, (There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.)
Bm Gtommorow I'll be gone.
Bm G D A I know she's playin with me,
Bm G D A But thats okay 'cause I've got no self-esteem.
Bm G D AWith a thousand eyes and a good disguise,
Bm G D Ahit 'em right between the eyes, hit 'em right between the eyes.
Bm G D A'Cause I'm not here for your entertainment,
Bm G D A you don't really wanna mess with me tonight.
Bm G D A Cant read my, cant read my, no he can't read my,
Bm G D Apoker face, come on Barbie lets go party.
Bm G D ALost and insecure, you found me, you found me.
Bm G She wants to touch me (woo-hoo),
DShe wants to love me (woo-hoo),
AShe'll never leave me (woo-hoo-oh-oh-oh).
Bm G D A Control yourself, take only what you need from it.
Bm G DTake your canvas bags, take your canvas bags,
ATake your canvas bags, to the supermarket.
Bm GTake your canvas bags.
DNothings right I'm torn,
AI'm all out of faith,
Bmthis is how I feel,
GI'm cold and I am shamed,
Dlying naked on the floor.
AIllusion never changed,
Bminto something real,
G DI'm wide awake and I can see I'm more than a bird,
AI'm more than a plane,
Bm GI'm a bird-plane,
D AI'm a bird-plane,
Bm GA mother fucking bird-plane.
DDoesn't that sound familiar,
Adoesn't that sound too close to home
Bmdoesn't that make you shiver,
Gthe way things could have gone.
DAnd doesn't that seem peculiar,
A'cause everyone wants a little more,
Bmthere's something I do remember,
Gto never go this far,
Dthats all it takes to be a star.
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