The Backseat Lovers – Dugout chords

[Verse 1]
A DWaiting on something to change from the dugout behind all the pain
A DNever got me very far, I know that it’s wrong
E DBut I don’t want to drop the bomb today
E DI’d rather stay in and hide away
[Verse 2] A Dx2
AJosh: Tide gets strong and wash you out
DJosh: Take some time to figure it out
Jonedad: here i take the heat…..?
AJosh: 4 long months of grinding teeth
DJosh: Still long have the strength
Jonedad: I waste away A Dx2 [Verse 3]
AI saw your window at 2am
DAnd your light was still on
AI found the letters that you wrote for me
DAnd I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away
[Verse 4]
AYou should get some sleep tonight
You should get with someone nice that
DKnows what you’re thinking
Doesnt let it scare him
AYes I'm changing
Dbut now you’re facing your fears
D Bm A x4Hey!
A Bm D x4I waste away
I waste away A Dx2
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