The Backseat Lovers – Watch Your Mouth chords

[Verse 1]
DDo you think I care
AAbout your new job and your new hair?
DDo you think i cry
AAbout your new friends and your new guy?
Well I do. [Verse 2]
D ASlide your drink across the table
DWatch it fall onto the ground
AKeep your distance she’s unstable
DBite your tongue and watch your mouth
[Verse 3]
DLeft all your records at your mother's place
AThe other words that slapped you in the face
DAt least your instagram is up to date
DBetter check your facts before you flip the page
C DWait in line
CCuz you're not alone
DYou're mine
CBet you never take your time
All you do is scratch and bite
D AWas I just a waste of tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime
C DTake my loooooooooove
CThrow it all out
DTake my loooooooooove
e- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -BG D- - -7- - - - -6 - - - - - - - -A- 5- - 5- -4 - -4- -3 - - - - - -
E C G D D G x2
DOh oh oh oh
DOh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
GOh oh oh oh oh oh ooooh x3
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