The Backseat Lovers – Still A Friend chords

[Verse 1]
DI am sunburnt in the dark
DThere’s a woman to my left
DShe’s been crying in her bed
DFor nights since you broke her heart
DYeah, you left her pretty sore
DNow the ball is in my court
DShe thinks Im gonna buy her a car
E7 GDid you think that she would take it this hard?
[Verse 2]
DI am sunburnt in the dark
DThere’s a river to my right
DThere’s a pretty starry night
DAnd a couple of stacks of dry wood
DA couple people round the fire
DAll the things that I desire
DWhen I want to make things good
E7 GBut i don’t feel like I should
DShe only needed 3 days till she could add to the list
EWell i sure hope that it was one hell of a kiss, my friend
GStill a friend, just a friend
DAnd there are stars that we know nothing about
D DThere are boats of men that sink in the sand
And the miles of pressure in doubt
GBut I know one thing for sure,
DThat I won’t dance anymore
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