They Might Be Giants – Judy Is Your Viet Nam chords


[Verse 1]
G FYou met Judy in the nineties
G D GShe threw parties for magazines
G FFor a while she had a roommate
G D GBut that roommate was never seen
CmWho knew she could be so reckless?
G EmWho knew you could be so wrong?
Cm Am Bb DDancing in her kitchen for so long
[Verse 2]
G FTen years on and something's shifted
G D GSame apartment, roommate's gone
G FPutting down that torch you lifted
G D GBack to portraits poorly drawn
Cm G Em
e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-8------7------5----4------5------7----9------11-----12--15-----17-----19-| (hold)D|-x------x------x----x------x------x----x------x------x---x------x------x--|A|-6------5------3----2------3------5----7------9------10--13-----15-----17-|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Cm Am Bb D (G) [Verse 3]
G FJudy lies but you believe her
G D GShe's the storm before the calm
G FJudy is the great deceiver
G D GJudy is your Viet Nam
GJudy is your Viet Nam
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