Black Nails chords with lyrics by Tierra Whack - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tierra Whack – Black Nails chords

A E, D ...
D E, A ...

A E,

D Readin’ my open mail
This ship here won’t sail
DBest believe I’m gon’ sell
D EIf I just be myself
A I'mma head and you’re tails
Red paint on my nails
AKeep shit to myself
A EListen to myself
D Writing bars in my cell
Rice next to my kale
DShirt holy like grail
D EDistant for my health
A My name wrapped with bells
Yes I’ve changed like Wells
DI’m doing so well
A ESo, I say, oh well
D I don’t tell no tales
Should of spent time in Yale
DBitch, shut up, don’t yell
Here, boy, take this L
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