Tierra Whack – Flea Market chords

Bbm Fm

BbmI ain’t tryna rush thangs, but it’s been while now
FmPeople have names and they all smile now
BbmThrowin’ in the towel now
Bitches better bow down
FmThrowin’ in the towel now
Tell them bitches calm down
BbmGet on your knees, baby
Copy of the keys, baby
FmLovin’ your steez, baby
Brushin’ off fleas, baby
BbmI don’t really wanna have to ask you twice
Yeah, I'll be your girl if you ask me nice
FmLittle energy and a dash the dice
Idiot seems like he actin’ like [Chorus]
Bbm Fm(Oh, won't you realize) Don’t wanna rush you
Bbm(Oh, won't you realize) Hope that you trust me
Fm(Oh, won't you realize) I don’t wanna rush you
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