Tyler Childers – Jane Acoustic Live chords


[Verse 1]
AmWell she don't like it when I ain't sober
And I can't say that I blame her
CI don't see how she takes it, boys
G/BI don't how she takes it
AmAnd she done told me that it's all over
If I walk through the front door
CThree sheets to the wind again
G/BThree sheets to the wind
[Chorus 1]
FAnd I just laughed it off
How you gonna get back home?
AmIf you ain't got a dime
And it don't come from me
FAnd that's a long way to walk
And you ain't the ramblin' kind
AmSo I just think it's best
B7If you decide to stay
[Verse 2]
AmWell those mountain women gonna get their way
Or they'll sure die of tryin'
CI don't know why she tries so hard
G/BI don't know why she tries
AmCause us mountain fellas are awful stubborn
And we don't give a god damn
CWe don't give a damn, oh lord
G/BNo we just don't care
[Chorus 2]
FAnd we can't get enough
of all these neon nights
AmBarroom brawls and bedroom quarrels
And we come home too late
FAnd it ain't nothin' new
And it's just the same ol' thing
AmAnd I work way too hard
G/BTo take this shit off Jane
[Bridge] Am C G/B [Verse 3]
AmWell she went down to the Western Union
Called her country cousin
CI need to get back home right now
G/BI need to get away
AmCause it ain't funny when he ain't sober honey
Get me on a Greyhound
CGet me on a Greyhound home
G/BGet me to the hills
[Chorus 3]
FAnd I went out one night
Came home when the rooster crowed
AmAnd there weren't nothin' left
but the smell of her perfume
FAin't never felt so small,
ain't felt so much pain
AmAnd I'm just way too drunk
B7To take this shit off Jane
[Outro] Am C G/B
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