Worthless tab with lyrics by Van Dyke Parks - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Van Dyke Parks – Worthless tab


From the movie, Brave Little Toaster


Em I can't take this kinda pressure G - F#m - I must confess one more dusty road Em - Dsus2 Would be just a road too long G - - Em Worthless... Em I just can't, I just can't I just can't seem to get started! G - F#m - Don't have the heart to live in the fast lane Em - Dsus2 All that has passed and gone G - - A Worthless! C - - B There ain't nothing you can do about it G - - A Worthless! Pardon me while I panic! C - - B - B - - A - A - - G Worthless! Worthless! Worthless! Em I come from KC Missouri G - F#m - And I got my kicks down on Route 66 Em - Dsus2 Every truck stop from Butte to MO Em Motown to Old Alabama G - F#m - Em - Dsus2 From Texarkana and east of Savanna from Tampa to Old Kokomo A - - Bm Worthless... Em I once ran the Indy 500 G - F#m - I must confess I'm impressed how I did Em - Dsus2 And I wonder how close that I came Em Now I get a sinking sensation G - F#m - Em - I was the top of the line, out of site out of mind Dsus2 So much for fortune and fame G - - A Worthless! C - - B G - - A Worthless! C - - B - B - - A - A - - Gm Worthless! Worthless! Worthless! Gm Once took a Texan to a wedding Once took a Texan to a wedding A# - Am - He kept forgetting, his loneliness letting Gm - F His thoughts turn to home and we turned Gm I took a man to a graveyard A# - Am - I beg your pardon, it's quite hard enough Gm - F Just living with the stuff I have learned Am - - A# Worthless! A# - - G#m G#m - - A Worthless! A - - G - G - - F - F - - Em Worthless! Worthless! Worthless! Em Once drove a surfer to sunset G - F#m - There were bikinis and buns filled with weenies Em - Dsus2 Believe me, just couldn't forget Em - Pico, lets go up to Zuma Gm - Pico, lets go up to Zuma A# - Am - Gm - F From Zuma to Yuma the rumor was I had a hand in the lay of the land G Get up and go hit the highway G - - A C - - B G - - A C - - B - B - - A - A - - G Em - Em I worked on a reservation Em - G - F#m - Em - Dsus2 Who would believe they would love me and leave on a bus back to old Santa Fe? Em Once in an Indian nation G - F#m - I took the kids on the skids with a Hopi Em - Dsus2 Who was happy to lie there and say Em - - Dm - - Am "You're worthless" Em G - F#m - Em - D Em(hold)
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