After The Ball chords with lyrics by Van Dyke Parks - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Van Dyke Parks – After The Ball chords

			     After The Ball - Van Dyke Parks

F   A Adim A   F   A Adim A

A You light on my feet Fine and so fleet
BmSo indiscreet We should meet around midnight
You may be insincere You whisper in my ear
ASome words that may be unclear but they sound so right
G FAnd my head begins to spin When my heart says it's a sin
ENever let the dance begin Once again To begin
EYou have your way with the women
You who captivate with your rhythm
G# GI can't quite forget or forgive 'em
CI'm not just a doll built for the ball
F Dm7 FAfter I fall dancin' is all you may recall
A Adim A A Adim AAfter the ball
I remember well elegant swell The spell you weave very well in the moonlight Ooh! Every move you make Your flashing eyes would break The hardest heart in Atlanta it just ain't right. You-- a master of the game Me a moth and you a flame You don't even know my name Just a dame All the same You have your way with the women You who captivate with your rhythm I can't quite forget or forgive 'em
Bm C#So do your worst! You'll be my first
Eb FAt last in love I'm lost and long to care
Free from it all! Fated to fall My femme fatale! Always on call! Winsome withal After the ball Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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