Verve – Star Sail tab

This song was the first track off the Verve's first UK album 'A Storm in Heaven'
and wasn't really meant for the acoustic guitar. But, if you know the song, then
give this a go and see how it sounds.

Verve weren't noted for their mainstream music until 1995 and beyond. Only before
they had a cult following. 

Star Sail - written by Verve (1993)

A1 - 545050
A  - 002220
A7 - 002020
A7*- 002022
Em - 022000
A2 - 020202

A7                                       A
Hello it's me, it's me, crying out I can see you

A7                                            A
Hello it's me crying out, crying out, are you there?

A7                              A
Hello it's me, it's me, I wanna touch you

A7                                                     A
It's me throwing stones from the stars on your mixed-up world

I've been circling round for 20 years and in that time I've seen all the
fires and all the liars

I've been calling home for 20 years and in that time I've heard the screams 
rebound to me while you were making history

I can see the fire

A2                     A
And I'll throw it back down
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