Verve – The Rolling People tab

e: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 00:40:30 EST
From: CheshirBat 
Subject: TAB: The Rolling People - by Verve

"The Rolling People" from the album _Urban Hymns_
Written by The Verve
Produced by Youth/The Verve

tabbed by Jeremy Joseph (
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	A5  B5  (x4)

The opening chords sneak up on you and there's
wah pedal noises, etc. in the background.
Right after the last B5 chord:

D|--------7---9-------------| with delay pedalA|---7/9--------------------|
Then comes the riff: A BE|---------------------------------|B|---------------------------------|G|--------------8------------9h7---| It's like this during the verses,D|----7----9---(9)--9--------9-----| with slight ad-lib variations.A|----7----9--------9--9--9--------|E|----5----7-----------7--7--------|
It helps a great deal if you have delay/echo effects, since that's basically the key to sounding like them. * Verse 1 * (with riff) Been shot... I got one more life, Can you see it wastin' away? But I got a plan, you understand? (solo 1) - Played sort of distorted and bluesy
Play something like this in the B blues scale with delay on the upward run... * Verse 2 * (I can hardly understand Ashcroft in this verse) With a drugstore life, I was dealin' soda then of the white... (?!) I don't shake no hands, Cause then there's no fans... *Chorus* B But here we are, the Rolling People A G A G A B Can't stay for long, we gotta go B So come alive, we're the Rolling People A G A G A B Don't ask why, we just know... * Verse 3 * On a big jet plane with my briefcase and crime in my veins I'll be the first to toast my rockin' soul, yeah. *Chorus* B And here we are, the Rolling People A G A G A Don't ask why, we don't know... B So come alive, we're the Rolling People A G A G A B Don't ask why, we just know... (solo 2) - Played very clean
Play and repeat the 2nd line a few times.. *And the rest of the lyrics*:
Only the bass is playing the riff while the guitarplays echoey notes in the B scale.E|-----------------------------------|B|---10-10-10---9b(10)---7-----------|G|--------------------------9h7------|
Tell me do you know which way I'm gonna choose.. The lights are white and I am feelin' blue.. I hope you know which way I'm gonna fly.. Thank you for my life, I said good night, goodbye... Back to the riff, and the song gets out of control. The "eep" part at the end of the song:
EEP, EEP eep, eepE|--11-------11-------|--7--------7--------|B|--14b(16)--14b(16)--|--10b(12)--10(12)---|G|--------------------|--------------------|
Best of luck.. This song kicks so much ass I had to figure it out, and I figured I might as well tab it so anyone else can to play it. I'm sure there's some mistakes as always due to laziness or typos, but if you can hear a wrong note than you can probably figure out what it's supposed to be! ------------------------------------------------------------------- -=- -=- -------------------------------------------------------------------
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