On The Other Side chords with lyrics by Vetiver - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Vetiver – On The Other Side chords

Vetiver - On The Other Side

Main guitar riff during the song:e|-------------------------------------|B|-3----3----3----3------3------3---3--|G|---5----4----2----4-h5----2-----5----|D|-------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------|
C D 8x
C D C DLook around, what do I see
C D C DStrange people with some place to be
C D C DGetting lost out in the crowd
C D C DSaying nothing, talking loud
C D C DSounding nervous, act uptight
C D C DBoast the bully oh first to fight
C D C DSee, to me that don't seem right
C DI'm on the other side
C D 3x
C D C DYou know those who need to win
C D C DKeep pushing 'till the very end
C D C DI'll go easy, I'll step light
C DI'm on the other side
C D 3x
C D C DNo pressure, I don't worry
C D C DI do what comes naturally
C D C DNo need to, rush or hurry
C D C DThat just ain't my speed
C D C DI can wait, rock steady
C D C Be ready when you are
D B E E D# DBon voyage, au revoir
Guitar solo
C D C D C D C De|----------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------6^----------6^---8-6------------------------|G|-------5^--7--5-7--5----7-5-7------------7--5-7--5--------------|D|--5-7----------------------------------------------7--5---------|A|--------------------------------------------------------8^--5---|E|--------------------------------------------------------------8-|
C D C D C D C De|----------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------------|G|----------------5--5---5----------------------------------------|D|---------5---5h7----5h7-3h5--3-5--3-5---5^-3--------------------|A|-5---8^----8----------------------------------3h5--3h5--3h5--3h5|E|----------------------------------------------------------------|
C D C DFar away from the maddening crowd
C D C DGrateful not to be so proud
C D C Dand with patience as my guide
C D C DI'm on the other side
C D C DI'm on the other side
C D for about 12 times until the fade out, played with variations on the main guitar riff of the song
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