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Vetiver – Sister chords

Vetiver - Sister

The following riff is played almost throughout the song, at least every time F is 
played, and has some minor variations on it during the song.

e|-------1-1-|B|-------1-1-|G|-------2-2-|D|-2h3---3-3-| 8x as introA|-----------|E|-----------|
FSister, come back home
Mom and dad are mad at me and Gone looking for you Sister, what did you do? Riff 1x
FFolks say you're at that age,
Goin' through some kinda stage, but
DmIt's safe now, the coast is clear
FCome back,
Dm FI'm the only one here sister
Oooooh ooh ooh ooh...
Dm C FSister, I need to know,
DmWhy you're fighting this world so
FOld enough to dare,
DmToo young to be treated fairly
Bb C FToo bold to be told, sister
Bb C F Dm Dm C FOh oh ohh ooh... sister, oooh, ooh, oooh...
DmI heard voices, high
FSaw tears but did not ask why
Dm FYou fought back with pride, sister
DmSome loves are bound to be
FMuch more than the world believes,
Bb CYou locked the door and you left the key behind
FI pray that you'll come to
Your senses, and when you do Hear my plaintive moan
DmSee how these strange minds grow,
Bb C FYour feeling at home, sister
F Dm Dm COoooh ooh ooh ohh... sister
F Dm Dm Cooooh oooh oooh... Sister...
F Dm Dm Cooooh oooh oooh... Sister...
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