Volbeat - Mary Anns Place Acoustic chords version 1

Hey guys! First tab on here, hope it turned out okay. This is an opportunity to 
play the song ACOUSTIC, so it won't sound exactly as the original version does. I 
played the chords over and over again, and for the main song they fit. I'm sorry I 
don't have chords for the real intro and the "rest" (the part after "when I'm 
near"), but as I said, you can play it like this. I hope you're alright with the 
chords, have fun playing the song.
 - Don't forget to tune your guitar a WHOLE step down to d first -

"Intro" (starts at about 0:30)
Am, C, F, G, E

Am CHere I sit at Mary Ann's place
F G AmOh baby, the rain is always pouring when I'm here
AmSaw the lightning caught your stone
F G AmOh maybe the angels of tomorrow will let me go
F CStill the crying hurts in your head
F CWell, you're still beneath my feet
F (hold)Well, oh God donīt seems to follow
G (hold) AmHear my prayers until tomorrow's settlement
Am CSide by side with Lucy's stone
F G AmYou two are forever missing colours in my home
Am CDo you think you can forgive
F GI know that your life has been a burden
AmA living hell
F CStill the crying hurts in your grave
F CWell I'm still beneath your feet
F CHave you looked into the sky?
F CWell, oh God don't seem to mind
F (hold) Will the fire burn the flower
G (hold) EOr the angels sing tomorrow, when I'm near
I didn't know how to figure out the end properly, I just keep playing E (with only downstrums) and end on Am. So once more, I hope you like the chords. Comment and rate please! :) If you have any questions about this, feel free to e-mail me at lostnorthernstar@hotmail.de ~ Toska
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