Varsity – Discipline chords

[Verse 1]
C Em G D Em D EBaby, I don't think of anyone else
C Em G D Em GLately, you're not acting like yourself
C Em G D Em DHanging round at Nico's end to end
C Em G D Em EHoping that I would get noticed
B C B C Bm EmIs there e-nough to go around, I don't know why
B C B C Bm EmI suspect that other people have more of your time
Em E EmMore of your time
[Verse 2]
C Em G D Em D EmThis is the hill I want to die on
C Em G D Em GCan you kinda kill me just this once
C Am Em G D Em D EWaaaaa-tching you up there I disappear
C Em G D EmInto the chromatic atmosphere
[Interlude] G Em E Em [Chorus 2]
Bm C B C Bm EmI'll give up the alcohol, the temperament, and the clothes
B C B CCan I give you discipline, well I
EmWell I don't know
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