Varsity – Full Length Dress chords


D Em x2

[Verse 1]
D EmIt's alright
D EmTo sleep around for just one night
D EmDon't get mad
D Em DIt's just the factuals
EmYou don't care
D Em DWho sneaks around in your underwear
Em DNo one said it's unnatural
[Verse 2]
D* A* D*I thought I would try my hand
D* A* D*In the show as an assistant
D* A* C* Em*Before I could ask he had cut me in half
B* Bm*And he walked away without me
D* A* D*So I hired him a house guest
D* A* D*He came down in a full length dress
D* A* C* Em*His lipsticks a mess you said under your breath
B* Bm*And you locked the door behind him
[Verse 3]
D EmIt's alright
D Em DYou don't have to stay the night
EmFuck or flight
D EmYou're a renaissance man
D EmYou don't care
DWho sneaks around
Em DIn your pink hair
EmNo one said
DIt's unnatural
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