Vic Chesnutt – It Is What It Is chords

D         A
I am a monster
DLike Quasimodo
GOr Caliban the natural man
A DGiving wild ripostes to my reflection
G A DOne ugly morning
A GIn a rage
AFather threw an apple
G DInto my carapace
D AAnd like the invisible man
DDirecting traffic
GI'd be ineffective
A DNo matter how enthusiastic
G A DAmid the masses' frenzy
A GParticipation
AIn this massive
D A DSeparation
Bb AAppearance is everything
DNothing is how it seems
Bb A GAnd civilized society
DIs calm civility
G DI'm the phantom of the opera
A DSinging beauty and at ease
G F#mOr Henry Darger's
D A GAnd that is curt clues to my essence
D A GPlanned obsolescence
Bb AAppearance is everything
DNothing is how it seems
Bb AIn a market economy
G DIt's called marketing
D A GAnd not exactly clawing my way to glory
D A GNor whimpering in the wind
D ABut once positively
DI'm teetering on the brink
AOf an all out breakthrough
GBut sometimes clear headed
Sometimes a doofus
GSometimes very cordial
And sometimes aloof
DI am syrupy optimistic one moment
Then gravely pessimistic the next
DIrritable as a hornet sometimes
Then agreeable as it gets
GI'm not a pagan
I don't worship anything
GNot gods that don't exist
Nor the sun which is oblivious
DI love my ancestors but not ritually
I don't blame them or praise them
DFor anything that they passed along to me
GI don't need stone altars to help me hedge my bet
DAgainst the looming blackness
It is what it is
F#m G DIt is what it is
F#m Em D
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