Waifs – How Many Miles tab

Verse 1
Ab                         Db                    Ab
It was way after midnight, before you crossed my mind
But I thought of you til the sun broke through and I watched that road 
Ab                                     Db        Ab
Funny how that road, was just like the trail we made
                       Db                     Eb               Ab
Every little twist and turn and bump left me feeling worn and frayed

Db                     Ab
How many miles did we wander
Db                              Ab
How many nights did we drive on through
Db                              Ab
Travelled the road like rolling thunder
Db                          Eb                      Ab
And none of them lead to anywhere that we wanted them to

Verse 2
But it wasn't always rough - there was some smooth travelling too
And when the sun came up I was high on a mountain in the morning new
You always told me if I opened my eyes, I would see forever
Maybe I did, maybe that's how I knew that we were never destined to be together  [Chorus]

Verse 3 
Sometimes hurting someone is the kindest thing that a person can do
What more can I say, I'm sorry if I caused your heart to bleed
You were always so kind and gentle and warm and I tried so hard to be that way in return
But you never asked me what I wanted, you just told me what you thought I need [Chorus]
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