White Stripes - Denial Twist tab

So this is the version which was played on VH1, i think . . ..
The one where Jack White is playing a dark-wood acoustic and wearing a nice hat!

These are the chords he plays (he seems to play these chords in diff. positions throughout
the song so just find which positions work best for you)

     C    D#  A#   G 
e|- ---- - ---- - B|- ---- - ---- - So the C and the A# are played in different G|- 5--- 8 ---8 - positions throughout (both positions shown here)D|- 5-10 8 3--8 5 A|- 3-10 6 3--6 5 E|- ---8 - 1--- 3
"If you think that a kiss . . . ." C D# A# C A# e|-----x-----x-----x---------| B|-----x-----x-----x---------| G|--5--x-8-8-x--3--x-5-5-53--| D|--5--x-8-8-x--3--x-5-5-53--| A|--3--x-6-6-x--1--x-3-3-31--| E|-----x-----x-----x---------|
~~End of verse~~
"What he was thinking about the girl . .. " D# A# C C C D# A# C C C e|-------------------------------|B|-------------------------------|G|--8--3--5--5-5----8--3--5--5-5-|D|--8--3--5--5-5----8--3--5--5-5-|A|--6--1--3--3-3----6--1--3--3-3-|E|-------------------------------|
"The boat, yeah you know she's . . . . ." G A# C A# C A# e|----------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------|G|----------------3-3-33-3-33--5-5-55-5-5-3--5-5-55-5-5-3---|D|---5-5-55-5-55--3-3-33-3-33--5-5-55-5-5-3--5-5-55-5-5-3---|A|---5-5-55-5-55--1-1-11-1-11--3-3-33-3-3-1--3-3-33-3-3-1---|E|---3-3-33-3-33--------------------------------------------|
"And the truth, well you know she's . . . " G A# e|-----------------------------B|-----------------------------G|----------------3-3-33-3-33-- At this point of the two chouus' Jack plays D|---5-5-55-5-55--3-3-33-3-33-- a fill which are both belowA|---5-5-55-5-55--1-1-11-1-11--E|---3-3-33-3-33---------------
~~~End of chorus fill #1~~~
~~~End of chorus fill #2~~~e|---------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------|D|--10--10-10-8--8-8---------------------------------------------|A|------------------10--10-10-8--8-8--6-8-6-8b9--6-8-8-6---6-8b9-|E|-------------------------------------------------------8-------|
* b-Bend * The notes in these two sections aren't perfectly spaced apart so don't follow my spacings too closely! You'll be able to work it out though. . . . .so have fun! Remember this is a tab for an acoustic version of this song so the fills are slightly different to on the album . . Enjoy . . . . Nathan.
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