Widespread Panic – Porch Song tab

/ / / / / / / /|-------------------------------------------------3--3-3---||-------------------------3--------------3p2p0----3--3-3---||.------0-----0-----0-----------------0-----------0--0-0--.||.--4/5---4/5---2-------0---0-----1/2----------------0-0--.||----------------------------------------------------2-2---||----------------------------------------------2/3---3-3---|
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /|---h------------|---------------|------------|------------||--8^10-8-8----8-|---------------|------------|------------||-----------/9---|-9\7-7---4-5-7-|--improv to the verses---||----------------|---------------|------------|------------||----------------|---------------|------------|------------||----------------|---------------|------------|------------|
Verse 1: G I opened up my eyes to see F C G F C A land of sunny rocks and funny trees G I guess (Yes,) I'm on the moon again F C G F C A heavy earth exchange a lighter breeze G Got no coat and got no money F C G F C A pair of tennis shoes to last through May G A crater for an outdoor pool F C G F C A few good cats to help me pass the day Chorus: G F C Havin' a good time, here today G F C Watching the sun shine, matinee F/C Never the wrong time, time we stay G F C Living the moontime, time we play Verse 2: From here I watch the world go by Working in the moon-time bar and grill The word from Earth - my time is up But here upon the moon time stands still Got no telecommunications Cables haven't gotten out this way The man in the moon is a musician That's the way we pass the lunar day (Chorus) Living the moontime, time to live it up!
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