Wilco – One By One tab

One by one,
Wilco/ Woody Guthrie

Listen to song for timing and lyrichs


  C     Bb   Am    F

Verse: C Bb F Dm
-0---1---1---1------------------------ /\-1---3---1---3------------------------ / \-0---3---2---2------------] \ Verse 1 / (x2)-2---3---3---0------------] ---------- /-3---1---3---X------------]----------- /-X---X---1---X------------------------ //
C Bb F Dm C Am F
-0---1---1---1---0---0---1--------------- /\-1---3---1---3---1---1---1--------------- / \-0---3---2---2---0---2---2---] \ Verse 2 /-2---3---3---0---2---2---3---] ---------- /-3---1---3---X---3---0---3---]----------- /-X---X---1---X---X---X---1--------------- //
Bridge: Dm F C Bb Am Dm F C Am F
-1---1---0---1---0---| |-1---1---0---0---1-|-3---1---1---3---1---| |-2---1---1---1---1-|-2---2---0---3---2---| |-3---2---0---2---2-|-0---3---2---3---2---| |-0---3---2---2---3-|-X---3---3---1---0---| |-X---3---3---0---3-|-X---1---X---X---X---| |-X---1---X---X---1-|
Song Order: Intro/Chours x2 (fade in) Verse 1 Intro/Chours x1 Verse 2 Intro/Chours x2 Bridge Intro/Chours x1 Verse 3 Intro/Chours x1/2 Verse 4 Intro/Chours out It's got to be pretty close to what Jeff plays. There is a slightly diffrent timing in of the bridge, I believe it's 3/4 but don't quote me. Regardless I hope you enjoy and free to e-mail comments to Jgish@kc.rr.com
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