Wilcox David - Wildberry Pie tab

Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 10:21:48 -0600 (MDT)
From: Brian Handy 
Subject: TAB:  Wildberry Pie by David Wilcox

                              "Wildberry Pie"

                             by David Wilcox
                  transcription by Bill Boroson (6/8/95)

Tune: 6 = D  3 = F#
      5 = A  2 = A
      4 = D  1 = D

Capo I

D(no 5th) Bm(add G) G+2 A7sus4|-----------|-----------|-----------|--------0----*7--------------||-----------|-----------|--------2--|------0------*7--------------||------1----|------1----|------3----|----1--------*7--------------||----4---4--|----4---4--|----5------|-------------*7--------------||-----------|--2--------|-----------|--0-----------0--------------||--0--------|-----------|--5--------|-----------------------------|
D(no 5th) Bm(add G) G+2 A7(add D) D(add G)|-------------|--------0|-------------|----------0|----------*12--||------------0|---------|-------------|--------4--|----------*12--||----1--------|----1----|----3-------3|----3-5----|----1-----*12--||--4---4---4--|--4---4--|--5---5---5--|--5--------|--4---4--------||-------------|2--------|-------------|0----------|---------------||0-------0----|---------|5-------5----|-----------|0----------0---|When you pick a sprig of balsam pine,On your hike along the mountain view,You can wrap the scent in corduroy,And bring the mountain home with you.
D(add G) Bm(add G) G+2 A5(add G)|---------------|-------------0-|---------------|------------||-------------0-|---------------|---------------|------------||-----1---------|-----1---------|-----3---------|---1--------||---4---4---4---|---4---4---4---|---5---4---0-5-|--------2---||---------------|-2-------2-----|---------------|-0------0---||-0-------0-----|---------------|-5-------5-----|------------|When you sit beside the ocean's edgeAnd dream of what might come to be,Your fingers keep the taste of salt,From the castles made beside the sea.
Gsus2(add B) F#m(add D) Em(add F#) A7sus4 D|------------0--|----------0----|--------------0--|----------------||--------2------|------0-----0--|--------------0--|----------------||------3--------|---------------|-------1------1--|----------------||----5-----5----|---------------|------4-------2--|------4---------||---------------|----4---4------|-----2--------0--|----0-----------||--5------------|--4------------|----2------------|--0---------0---|I'm lonely at work now,My hand holds my chin.And my mischievous fingers remind me,And cover my grin.
Gsus2(add B) F#m(add D) Em(add F#) A7sus4 D|------------0--|----------0----|--------------0--|------------0---||--------2------|------0-----0--|--------------0--|----------------||------3--------|---------------|-------1------1--|----------------||----5-----5----|---------------|------4-------2--|------4---------||---------------|----4---4------|-----2--------0--|----0-----------||--5------------|--4------------|----2------------|--0---------0---|The scent takes me dreaming,To wildberry pie,And the wind hits my sailsWith the sound of your trembling sigh.
B A n.c.|------------|------------|-------------------------------------||------------|------------|-------------------------------------||------------|------------|-------------------------------------||------------|------------|-------------------------------------||--2---------|--0---------|-----------0-------------------------||------------|------------|--2--4-5-7---------------------------|Oh, oh--
[Strum the rest of the song-- a soft syncopated sixteenth-note strum works well.] D (no 5th) Bm(add G) When we work to make a berry pie, lips can tell where we have been, G+2 A7(add D) Out picking huckleberries wild, to bring the harvest home again. D(add G) Bm(add G) And on the way we sang a tune, what I said is what I meant, G+2 A7(add D) Our love is like a red, red rose-- it leaves a certain subtle scent. Gsus2(add B) F#m(add D) I'm lonely at work now. My hand holds my chin, Em(add F#) A7sus4 D And my mischievous fingers remind me and cover my grin. Gsus2(add B) F#m(add D) The scent takes me dreaming, of wildberry pie, Em(add F#) A7sus4 D And the wind hits my sails with the sound of your trembling sigh. Em(add F#) A7sus4 D And the wind hits my sails with the sound of your trembling sigh.
CHORDS: 6 5 4 3 2 1 =========== A7sus4 x 0 2 1 0 0 Bm(add G) x 2 4 1 0 0 D 0 0 4 0 0 0 D(add G) 0 0 4 1 0 0 Em(add F#) 2 2 4 1 0 0 F#m(add D) 4 4 0 0 0 0 G+2 5 x 5 3 0 0 Gsus2(add B) 5 x 5 3 2 x
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