Wingnut Dishwashers Union – Never Trust A Man Who Plays Guitar chords

C G Am E F x2

CSo I dip this pen in arsenic
EI write a song for every president
Am Fthat wont ever get shot in the face
CAnd I wrap these strings in plastic explosives
EHead down to the court house
Am Fwith one chord I level the place
CBut hasn't anybody learned
E Am Fdon't ever trust a man who plays guitar
C E The day I rob a bank the first day I'm not lying
Am Fto you or me about what I believe
C EAnd if I die then let my gravestone read
[pause] Am Frest in P. Funk cause no pulse is no excuse not to dance
C EIf I live then let my heart be like a beating picket line
Am Fthey'll sooner see a corpse than see a scab
[pause] Hasn't anybody learned the last to make the moves are the first to say the words
C Ethe day I rob a banks the first day of my life
Am F as an honest man, an honest man
C EThe day I rob a banks the first day of my life
Am FAs an honest man, an honest man
[tap guitar] The day I go to jail trying to rob a bank Is the day I finally get what I deserve End on C
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