Wingnut Dishwashers Union - Alley Cat chords

first tab, but i asked him for the chords so should be correct!

Gtonight I'm an alley cat yeah,
Cmore afraid of you than you are of me
Gbut if you leave some food out on the porch,
CI might stay till there's nothing left to eat
D CI could sit alone in a lunch room in high school
D Cif I wasn't sitting alone at a punk show in ashville
GTonight the upper left hand side of my chest
Chas a hole as big as the one in my pocket
GI mighta kissed you wearing a bulletproof vest
Cbut hell, you kiss like a rocket
D CI'd be a teenage virgin jerking off in my bedroom
D Cif I wasn't a 20 year old virgin that didn't have a bedroom
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