Wonder Stuff - Welcome To The Cheap Seats tab

Welcome to the cheap seats - The wonderstuff

Quite an easy song to play. Good for parties when your pissed!

(G) Laugh when he jokes (D)
slap him (Am) when he chokes (Em)
Its time (C) to give (G) up the smokes (D)..(C)

Laugh when he cries, dont wipe his eyes
Take the wine from the swine
And remind him of his crimes.

Oh in another world , yeah he could wear a dress
Oh in another world , yeah he could wear a dress

Imagine his suprise when he opened his eyes
And I ran the lawnmower over his thighs
Imagine the disturbance , At the time of the ocuurance
When his life became a burden we laughed at his cries

Oh etc
Oh etc

Welcome to the cheap seats welcome to the cheap seats...

This rythm figure works for all verses and the chorus. The violins
In the background initially play.

e-------------------------------B--------------------3-3-3------ REPEAT 3 TIMES.G---0-2-4----0-2-4-------------- h h h h
e-------------------------------B---3-1-0----3-1-0-------------- REPEAT 3 TIMES.G--------------------2-0-2------ p p p p
The other bits the violins play are'nt difficult to work out. The song sounds great if you give it a good thrashing. If youve never heard the song the timing goes something like.
^ ^^^ ^ ^^^ ^ ^^^ Laugh when he jokes slap him when ...etc Its a bit of march 1-2-3 . 3/4 time maybe, Im no expert. Well hope you enjot it. Ray _____+++ *** | **** | **** + / *** | | | | | *** + | []**| | | | | | | | |**[] | []* | | | | | | | | | *[] ****^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^**** **** __|__ **** *** \___/ *** *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Newcastle. A river. A castle . A proper university.
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