Wonder Stuff - Some Sad Someone tab

Some Sad Someone


I'm sitting watching all the merry people go by,
So once around the park before I die.
I hate this jealous feeling and I want to cry,
So once around the park before I die.

Don't say that you are sorry, no.

It was when she walked away I thought to myself,
Was it worth all the worry and the risk to my health.
And the opening line of every song that I heard,
Told about some fella having trouble with his girl.

And don't try to console me,
I don't wonna know.


Verse: x4E-|---------------------------------------------------B-|-----3----------3----------3----------3------------G-|---2---2------0---0------0---0------0---0----------D-|-0--------0----------------------------------------A-|------------3--------3-2--------2-3---------3------E-|---------------------------------------------------
Chorus: x4 + Verse x1E-|-----3---------------------------------------------B-|-------3-------------------------------------------G-|---0-------0---------------------------------------D-|---------------------------------------------------A-|---------------------------------------------------E-|-3-------------------------------------------------
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