Woodkid – Stabat Mater chords

Intro : Cm Fm/Ab G (x4)

Verse 1 : 

Cm AbIn the glory stays till we lost our way
Fm GWe recall when the war was test again.
Cm AbNow that we venture to other plans
Fm GWill I see you again?
CmIf I caught this train with souls
AbAnd blows our suns away
Cm GI could really close again.
Instrumental : Cm Fm/Ab G (x4) Verse 2 :
Cm AbLonely eyes paving in disgrace
F GDo you still great some flowers in your hair?
Cm AbCome to sound of birds and metal chains,
F GWith the perfume of the daises remain
Cm AbA circus of horses is dancing in the valey
F GBut the fire is in the way.
Cm AbThe fast is served by quicksands, I am afraid
F GDo you recall when the war was turnesd again?
Instrumental : Cm Fm/Ab G (x4)
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