Yes – Yes chords

CI'm sitting here, late at night
F C and I cant sleep
GEveryone's tucked into bed
F C it's so quiet, not even a peep
CSo I'm sitting alone, in my chair
F C trying to write a song.
GBut like John Prine said "my head's as empty
F C as the day is long".
Fsome call this writers block
C my cat jumped in my lap
Gpurring like a lion
F C now settling to take a nap
FI can't think of anything
C everything comes out wrong
Gwell here comes another day
F C and yesterday is gone
Ci tried turning on the tv
F but there's nothing there to see
Gevery type of infomercial
F C trying to sell something to me
C i'm so tired and my head is fuzzy
F i don't have very long
Gwhy does it have to be so hard
F C just to try and write a song
repeat chorus
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