Yonder Mountain String Band - Keep On Going chords

YMSB-Keep On Going

Song structure:

Chorus/Verse/Chorus, (YMSB usually puts a jam or multiple song sandwich right here)/Verse/Chorus

A D E A Gonna take my time before I pick the next way I’ll go along too…
A D E AGonna take me time before I find the next heart I’ll give my soul to
D E G ABut if time runs out, I swear I’ll find a way to keep on going…
A D E AUp on the corner of life, Im standin, just standin, kinda doin nothing
ABydin my time
A D E AI'm standin, seein, the world float by my eyes its almost blindin
AI should feel privileged
G D E ABut my feet are on the ground, but my mind is ten miles high
G D E And I dont seem to see, all the this and back and forth thats goin on in
front of me repeat sequence It's a fun song to play. They of course throw a lot of technical picking in with the chords. Listen to the song and you can get the progression. "Music is my religion" Jimi Hendrix
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