Young Rebel Set – I Wish tab

I Wish - Young Rebel Set

Standard Tuning, Use Barre Chords For Better Effect

D  (x 5 7 7 7 x)
C#m(x 4 6 6 3 x)
A  (5 7 7 6 5 5)
B  (7 9 9 8 7 7)

D                         C#m
I wish we'd started at the very start

A                          B
Had a little talk, maybe a little heart to heart but

D                       C#m
We started over without thinking it through

    A                                   B
Now you can't stand the sight of me and I can't look at you

       D                      C#m
Now my bags are packed and my taxi's on it's way

   A                        B
If you have an apology then now's the time to say

        D                             C#m
But you keep your mouth shut and your eyes tight closed

           A                    B
While your tears they fall like petals from a rose

Lead riff played during verse|----------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------||--2---2---------------------------------------------||----2---2-------------------------------------------||-----------4---4----0---0----2----/2-0--------------||-------------4---4----0---0----2-------4-2----------|
D C#m I know you're dying to open your mouth A B Let the words 'I love you' come rolling out D C#m But I know you won't because you're stubborn as a mule A B some say that you would stood your ground but i think you're a fool to let me D C#m Walk out the door without saying goodbye A B You couldn't even turn around and look me in the eye (For this part the chords are played slowly and slightly arrpeggiated)
D C#m |-----4-----| - Play this little So and what I've got I'll take with me - |--5----5---| fill with the C#m |--6------5-|A B |--6--------|What i don't need can stay |--4--------| |-----------|D C#mWhat i leave you can keep it
A B To remind you of our days The rest is pretty much the same Here's a link to the studio version of the song:
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