Young Rebel Set – Bagatelle chords

Great song!

Intro: E Abm [2x]

Verse 1:
E AbmAnd they said you were a true gentleman even 'til the
E Abmend. The likes of which we'll rarely see again. I found my-
E Abmself alone wandering, oh searching deep with-
E Abmin, but some questions don't need answering.
Bridge: But I hope that I
A Edo get to see you. And I just pull myself
A Ethrough just to meet you just once
Bmore, just once
Amore we'd play bagatelle, we'd play bagatelle again.
Chorus [2x]: E Abm C#m A
AmAnd it's so hard to see her cry 'cos I love her so dearly and it's the last time he'll
close his eyes. Instrumental: E Abm [2x] Then repeat Verse Bridge Chorus [2x] Intrumental: E Abm E Abm A E A
E B AChorus [2x]
End on E. Please rate this tab, Enjoy! :)
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