Young The Giant – Islands chords ver. 2

**First tab**

Based on : Islands In The Open Session  (

I wanted to keep the same feel as the Open Session so I used some deep chords. I also 
pluck the first half the song and strum the second half. This song has a lot of 
flexibility, this is simply my favorite way of playing it solo on an acoustic guitar. Enjoy!

Chords Used:
A#    - 6887xx
F   - 1332xx
Cm9 - 8687xx or x3133x
D# - 11 10 8 12xx or x6888x
Gm - 3553xxUnknown Name - 8688xx
Dm7 - 9 12 999x (Pluck)
A#Five days
Cm9Near your island
FOff the coast
A#Five ways
FYou were my lover
FOf the tide
In rhyme
D# FOh, all in the glow I'll find you waiting
D# F GmOh, has it been so long now, I
D# F Gm A#Oh, I thought you knew that I'd be coming
Cm9 FThe way you move, the foreign groove, at night
D#I could never
Dm7I could never hold you
D#-Dm7 (1x)
D# Dm7 Watch it rise up, where you hide your pearls
D# Dm7 Feel it pile up, where you cast those stones you wear
Cm9 A# Cm9When no one's home, do they feel cold on your bones
A# Cm9 A#All the years I've missed your warmth,
Unknown Name Have you missed my warmth?
D# Dm7On your island
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