Islands chords ver. 3 with lyrics by Young The Giant - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Young The Giant – Islands chords ver. 3


That's my cover of this amazing song by Young the Giant and these are the exact chords I
used. I tried to keep that same open the session feeling it had.

I know that in my cover, the strumming rhythm I use for the last half of the song is
different than the rhythm in the orignial version but that's because in one part, I could
play that rhythm and sing at the same aaaand it's also easier that way xD. Well I hope 
this helps anyone! :)


Capo 3

G: 320003
D: xx0232
C: x32010
Em: 022100
Bm7: x20202
Am7: x02010
*Am7: 002013
Dm7: xx0211

(One strum for each chord)

GFive days
Am7Near your island
DOff the coast
GFive ways
DYou were my lover
DOf the tide
In rhyme
C DOh, all in the glow I'll find you waiting
C D EmOh, has it been so long now, I
C D Em GOh, I thought you knew that I'd be coming
Am7 DThe way you move, the foreign groove, at night
CI could never
Bm7I could never hold you
C-Bm7 (1x)
C Bm7 Watch it rise up, where you hide your pearls
C Bm7 Feel it pile up, where you cast those stones you wear
Am7 G *Am7When no one's home, do they feel cold on your bones
G *Am7 GAll the years I've missed your warmth,
Dm7Have you missed my warmth?
C Bm7On your island
C Bm7 (repeat as many times as you want, depending if you want to add the ohh and ahhs :P) G (one strum)
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