Zappa Frank – Mr Green Genes tab

Mr Green Genes is a really easy tune to play, and it is 
also a good one to illustrate basic elements of harmony
and melody. Here is my arrangement, kind of a composite
of the _Best Band You Never heard.._ and _Hot Rats_ versions. 

Here are the main chords....I have used many different voicings
of these chords....

Dm7 - G - Dm7 - G - Dm7 - G - Dm7 - G 

Cmaj7 - Am7 - Cmaj7 - Am7

F - G - Am - Bb

Then it repeats again and again until the end, where it goes

F - G - Am - Bb - C - Dm - Dbm - Dm

Now the melody is like this......after doing the above once (based on the _Hot Rats_ version). Dm7 G (4x)1----------------------------------------------------2----------------------------------------------------3--7--9-10 10 10 10--9 7----7--4-4-4-4-4-5-4----------4------------------------10------------------5--------
Cmaj7 Am7 (2x) 2---------------5-6--8-----3---------4-5-5-----------4--5-5-5-7---------------
then the F - G - Am - Bb part goes like this. Play any chord voicings you want!! Frank plays many. The soloing is based on the C major scale, all positions. Play the _Uncle Meat_ version, and the _Hot Rats_ version, and also the _Best Band_ version... and you will be styling! now here are the words with the chords....notice how the above transcribed melody fits beautifully with the words. I love this song!! Dm7 G Dm7 G Eat your greens, don't forget your beans, and celery Dm7 G Don't forget to bring your fake I.D. Dm7 G Eat a bunch of these MAGNIFICENT. Cmaj7 With sauerkraut Am7 MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Cmaj7 Am7 Mouldy sauerkraut F G Am Eat a grape a fig a crumpet too Am - Abm - Am Bb You'll pump 'em right through Dm7 G Dm7 Eat your shoes, don't forget the strings G Dm7 G and sox. Even eat the box, you bought 'em in Dm7 G you can eat the truck, that brought 'em in. Cmaj7 Garbage truck Am7 MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMouldy Cmaj7 Am7 Garbage truck. F G Am - Abm - Am Eat the truck the driver and his gloves, Bb NUTRITIOUSNESS C DELICIOUSNESS Dm7-Dbm7-Dm7 WORTHLESSNESS A final flourish on Dm7:
Enjoy it... I always do..... Nabeel Kandah
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